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Drone Highlight – The Immersion Vortex 275 PRO ARF 350mW


Hit the skies with confidence when you choose the Immersion Vortex 275 PRO ARF 350mW drone. Here are some of the great features:

Ideal for Forest Flying – This drone was customized for legendary drone video maker Metall Danny, which means it is made for forest flying. This selection has the robustness of the Vortex 250 Pro, but it also has longer arms, custom motors, and a CCD camera to help you efficiently traverse the forest or other areas with a lot of obstacles.

Tuned by Metall Danny – All Vortex quads are pro-tuned, allowing you to efficiently fly your drone without worrying about dealing with the tuning process. When you purchase one of these drones, the tuning will be included with the default firmware.

Titanium Screw Sets – As fans of our previous Vortex Pro units will know, these drones were sent out with steel screw sets which added unnecessary weight that made it harder for traveling around dense forests. The Vortex 275 features titanium screws, which are much lighter and stronger than the steel screws we have used in the past.

When it comes to high-end Vortex Pro drones and more, you can rest assured that Built Drones will provide you with high-end selections at great prices.

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