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The Best Places to Fly Your Drones


Now that you have a drone, it’s time to fly! The team at Built Drones has put together a small list covering some of the best places to fly your drone:

  • Public Parks – You can enjoy the beauty of nature and maybe get out into a big field when you fly your drone at a public park. If the park has a nice nature walk area, you can have your drone travel the path to get a new point of view on the walk!
  • Drone Clubs – By joining or starting a local drone club in your area, you and your fellow enthusiasts can compile a list of places where it is safe to fly a drone or the property owners have given you permission. You may be surprised at what secret locations your new club friends know!
  • City Events – If your city is having a big event, you can contact the event organizers to see if they are interested in having a drone record some of the event for them. Additionally, you can just ask if you can bring your drone!

Before you head out to fly your drone, it’s vital that you do your research to make sure that you are flying in the right places. You can contact Built Drones for more information about our products or visit us in Jacksonville, FL, to see our newest selection of Yuneec Drones.

Drone Racing – What You Need to Know

Becoming a fan of drones means doing lots of things – flying on your own, making fun videos, and exploring the skies. Once you have done all of that, the next level of the drone experience is drone racing. Our team has put together the basics to let you know what you need to do to start racing.First of [...]

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Why a Racing Drone Is the Perfect Gift for Your Teenage Child

Buying the perfect gift for a teenager is more difficult than it might appear at first glance. A teenager is extremely picky about his or her tastes, which is made even more maddening by the fact that those tastes tend to change quickly, all the time. What was cool one moment is lame the next, and just keeping up [...]

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Uses for Drones in Wildlife Study

Drone technology is revolutionizing nearly every aspect of modern life. From sports and leisure to scientific research and agricultural innovation, it seems like new uses for drones are cropping up everywhere you look. One area that stands to benefit most from the introduction of drone technology is wildlife research. Whether you’re doing population monitoring, studying the behavioral habits of a [...]

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Making Films with Drones

Whether you are making a documentary or are just trying to bring some wonderful cinematic shots to your fiction film, drones have changed the way filmmakers capture the perfect landscape shots. We have put together some great tips for people who want to film with drones:Plan Your Shots – As a filmmaker, you know that you just can’t go [...]

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Important Things to Know Before Buying a Drone

Purchasing a new drone seems simple enough, but before you buy, there are many issues you need to consider. The team at BuiltDrones.com has put together a small list of just some of the important things you need to know before purchasing a drone:All Drones are Not Easy to Fly – Whether you are spending big money on a [...]

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Drones for Search And Rescue

Traditional fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters are often used for Search and Rescue (SAR), but SAR drones are a less expensive alternative. Despite current legal controversy about drone use, some drone owners are hoping for more freedom to volunteer their devices to assist in finding missing persons. SAR drones can be useful tools because:It is easier to prepare for deployment [...]

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Why You Need Quality Drones for Protecting Your Camera

Choosing camera drones you will use for filming is a major investment, one that you will want to put research into. By purchasing quality equipment, you can save money in the long-run, improve your overall filming experience and take pride in the footage you walk away with. To avoid putting your new camera drones and equipment at risk, consider these [...]

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Racer Drone

In the past several years, no new technology has so revolutionized the world as drone technology. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or an industrial surveyor, drones are an incredible boost to productivity and ability in just about every industry. Drones aren’t just for work, however. They’re also for play, too. Drone racing has sprouted up as a quickly-growing pastime, offering [...]

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How Drone Technology Can Boost Your Business

In today’s fast-paced, cutthroat business climate, it’s more important than ever to give yourself a competitive edge. Businesses — even strong ones — fail regularly if they get complacent or lose sight of the need to constantly improve and innovate.In addition to staying on top of emerging market trends and shifting customer demographics, you also need to make sure that your [...]

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