Drone Repairs




Has your UAV hit the ground once or twice? Does your UAV have a noise or slight vibration that's not quite right? Are you living in the past with your firmware updates?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you could be on your way to UAV failure. Built Drones is at your service to professionally inspect your machine and diagnose the problem before you are out of commission. If you already are, don't worry our highly skilled technicians are more than qualified to resurrect your UAV from the dead.   

Safety and quality are our main concerns here at Built Drones.  We want to get you back in the air as fast as possible without sacrificing quality materials or work ethics. If we don't feel your drone is safe to fly it won't end up in your hands.  In the end, if we wouldn't fly it we wouldn't expect you to.

We offer the options of either dropping off your drone for repairs in-store or by shipping it to us. If the UAV is shipped the customer may either have the price included in the repair receiving a discounted shipping rate or may choose the carrier of their preference and cover the cost themselves.



The 6 steps to the repair process:


1.) Fill out repair ticket in-store or online (Below). Once repair instructions are received, package unit properly and ship to the address given.


Address to:

                       Built Drone Repairs

                       3227 Atlantic Blvd.

                       Jacksonville FL, 32207


2.) Once received we will check in the unit, send an email/w pictures, stating it was received and showing the condition and what items were checked in and begin diagnostics ($55).


3.) If a repair is needed and you agree, the $55 goes to the (first hour of labor) cost of the repair, if not the customer is just charged the $55.


4.) We will call and/or email when the drone is repaired, tested, and ready for pickup or delivery.   We then setup a payment method. 


5.) Pick up at store or setup for return shipping.


6.) Happy Flying!!!



Repair Ticket


(Emergency Repairs are limited to certain models and can be subjected to extended repair times due to part accessibility. Please Call beforehand to see if your UAV qualifies.)